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It's pronounced kuh-lab-uh

Maximising Recruiter Performance
with game-changing software

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Easily manage and track all of your candidates from shortlist to signature on a single, interactive dashboard.

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Interactive Dashboard

See what's going on at a glance with your interactive dashboard. Easily identify backlogs as well as some of your quick wins with the culabr platform

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Daily Planner

Keep on top of your daily tasks with culabr as it automatically prioritises your revenue-generating tasks so you can focus your time effectively.

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Global Leaderboard

Whether you're working from home, the office or even on the go, keep the competition alive by seeing how you compare against other recruiters

how it works


Interactive Dashboard

Complete the simple login to get started and collect your first culabr coins. All of your candidates are visible on a single dashboard, allowing you to quickly spot backlogs as well as gauging your entire pipeline.




Add Candidates

Click the "add candidate" button above your candidate tracker and enter their details to get started. Enter their first and last name and job identifier for reference. Click submit and you're off, some more culabr coins to add to your tally.


Drag & Drop Planner

Complete all the predefined actions for each candidate before you drag and drop them to the next stage of the process. A new set of actions will be automatically generated in your Actions list on the right-hand side.




Track Your Placements

When you drag a candidate into "Offer stage" you will be prompted to enter your potential placement fee. Note: Once a candidate moves to placement, you will have a final opportunity to re-enter the fee once your candidate signs.


Global Leaderboard

Stay ahead of the competition even when working from home with our virtual leaderboad that updates in real-time. Keep the competition alive by tracking your performance anonymously with all the recruiters on the platform.


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Additional Rewards

Closed a deal? Congratulations! Drag your candidate into the placement circle, enter the placement amount and remember to click "collect reward" in your Actions List as an extra 10, 50, 100 and 500 culabr coins are at stake. Good luck!

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How it Works
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